Power of the Thompson & Peppercorn Pacifics Dvd




A comprehensive account of the Thompson A2/1, A2/2, A2/3, A1/1 & Peppercorn A1 & A2 Pacifics.

The history of the East Coast Pacifics using archive film from the 1950s and 1960s.

The Thompson Pacifics: Development and characteristics of the A2/1, A2s, A2/3, A1/1 classes.

The Peppercorn Pacifics: The A2 and A1 classes using archive film from the East Coast Main Line, Scotland and the Waverley route.

Included are ‘Blue Peter’, plus many other well known members of the class.

Also included are the recollections of those who worked with these designs in the days of working steam.

This programme provides an authoritative and comprehensive account of a memorable period of express steam locomotive design.

Plus Bonus Feature – The A1 Project: A look at the ambitious project to build a design that was made extinct in the 1960s.

Blue Peter – Flying the Flag: 60532s return to the main line in the 1990s.

Approx. 90 mins.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Transport Video Publishing (TVP).