Narrow Gauge in the East Dvd: Narrow Gauge Railways of Former East Germany




The Narrow Gauge Railways of the former East Germany.

The railways of the former East Germany provide one of the finest collections of steam worked Narrow Gauge lines in the world.

In this programme we explore this system using film taken from 1989 to the present day, including footplate footage.

To the Baltic Coast: The Bad Doberan to Kuhlungsborn Railway in 1989.

Plus a detailed look at the railway in recent months showing street running, coastal views and lineside action.

Across the Isle of Rugen: Putbus to Gohren with archive from 1989 showing 0-8-0 ’Well Tanks’.

Plus the line today with the impressive 2-10-2 tanks.

The Harz Mountains – Wernigerode to the Brocken: Westerntor Works.

A ‘Mallet’ in action.

A journey from Wernigerode to the summit at the Brocken behind one of the massive 2-10-2 tanks.

Lots of views in the Harz Mountains with dramatic steam action.

The Harz Mountains – Gernrode to Schierke: Archive from East German days in 1989, and the line today with a footplate ride.

Plus views from Gernrode to Alexisbad.

The Narrow Gauge Railways of Saxony: Archive of freight plus the railways in 2013.

The Muskau Forest Railway: A 600mm gauge railway near the Polish border.

In the Dresden Suburbs: The line from Radebeul to Radeburg.

To the Czech Border: The line from Cranzahl to Kurort Oberweisenthal.

Approx. 79 minutes.

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