Focus on Signalling Dvd




Traditional Signalling – How It Works & Where It Is.

The term ‘Traditional’ applies to Signalling developed mostly during the years 1870 to the 1950s.

In this programme we explore the type and methods of semaphore signalling and the associated signal boxes.

We then explore the National Network searching out the main areas of traditional signalling.

Disc One – How It Works.

An exploration of mechanical signalling on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway focusing on:

The Mechanical signal box.

Home, Distant and Shunting Signals.

Points and Turnouts.

Disc Signals.

St Albans Signal Box: A demonstration of a box on the Midland Main Line, and how trains were signalled in the days of semaphore signals and loco hauled trains.

Disc Two – Where It Is.

An exploration of traditional signalling around the country featuring the signal boxes, signalling types and level crossings and infrastructure.


The main line from Plymouth to Penzance.

Yeovil Pen Mill.

Worcester and the surrounding lines.

Shrewsbury and the ‘North and West’.

North Wales.

The Cotswold Line.


The Cumbrian coast ‘Peak Forest’.

East Anglia and the cross country line from Ely to Norwich.

Reedham and Great Yarmouth.

Lincolnshire with the lines through Sleaford to Boston and the Docks.

The Barton on Humber Branch and Humberside.

Scotland including Stirling.

The Highland Main Line.

Aberdeen to Inverness line.

Presented by David Powell.

Approx. 100 minutes.

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