Focus on Signal Boxes & Semaphores Dvd




The World of Mechanical Signalling.

Traditional signal boxes controlling semaphore signals once dominated Britain’s Railways.

In this programme we explore the world of mechanical signalling and look at the workings and details of a once common aspect of the railway scene.

The programme comprises:

Semaphores: A look at the various types and configurations of semaphores on the National network.

Includes upper and lower quadrants.

Signal gantries.

Bracket and shunting signals.

A Midland lower quadrant signal.

A Midland signal post and centre pivot signals.

Includes film taken throughout the network including: Cornwall, Scotland, Cumbria, the Welsh Marches, East Anglia and the South East.

Signal Boxes: An exploration of the National network past and present with a wide range of designs including LNER, LMS, Great Western, Great Eastern, Furness Railway, South Eastern & Chatham, Southern Railway, Caledonian Railway, LNWR, Great Central, North Eastern and British Railways.

Exeter West Box: The preservation, removal AND rebuilding of this important signal box at the Crewe Heritage Centre.

The workings of the box are recreated in detail, with typical trains of the steam and diesel era signalled through the station area and along the incline to Exeter Central .

The recreation of the box is completed using archive film from the days of steam and diesel traction.

A Main Line Signal Box: The workings and procedures at Quorn box on the Great Central Railway.

The ‘switching in’, ‘switching out’, bell codes, instruments, levers and signals are all explained as trains are signalled through the station area.

Presented by David Powell.

Approx. 120 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Transport Video Publishing (TVP).