Eurotrack DVD, Issue 7: Autumn 1999




Archive Scenes from the Railways of Europe.

Border Crossing: A look at one of the busiest crossing points in France at Modane in the Alps along the border with Italy. A wide variety of traffic is seen including SNCF BB67300, CC6500, TGV and Italian class 656 and 633 electrics.

German Hotspot – Gorlitz: The former East German town of Gorlitz is situated east of the Polish border. A diverse array of motive power and services are seen including classes 202, 219, 232 and 346, as well as the appearance of Polish diesel P+P SV45-154.

Luxembourg Hotspot: Showing activity around the town of Bettenbourg on the busy main line linking northern France with Luxembourg. SNCF BB15000 and classes 1800 and 3600 are featured as well as a Regrosprenter diesel unit.

Czech Diesels: A look at diesel traffic in northern Czechoslovakia at the main line linking Chumutor and Karloug Varg. Both passenger and freight trains feature on the busy main line railway including classes 842, 749, 750, 753 and 754.

Rotterdam Docks Line: Class 6400 locomotives feature in this look at container traffic around Rotterdam Docks, including an Ex-DB DE13.

French Hotspot – Givors: Freight and passenger trains feature in this sample of action from this busy location just outside Lya. A freight train headed by no less than five locos, is just one in a procession of trains powered by BB63000, BB67200, BB67500 BB9600, BB8100, BB22200.

Austrian Rail Centre – Selzthal: Situated in the heart of Austria and surrounded by mountains, Selzthal is an important junction. A wide variety of locomotives are shown including some of the endangered class 040 electrics in one of their last European strongholds.

Approx. 60 minutes.

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