Eurotrack DVD, Issue 6: Spring 1999




Archive Scenes from the Railways of Europe.

Rhine Traction: A journey along the scenic River Rhine in Germany with a look at both freight and passenger traffic on the main line south of Koblenz.

Loco Profile: The French BB12000 Monocabine: A look at the sphere of operations in the late 1990s of a class on the verge of withdrawal from the network.

Railways of the former Czech Republic: Railway operations on the main line linking Central and Eastern parts of the country to its capital Prague. Bothe Diesel and Electric power is featured on a variety of traffic including stopping passenger trains to mixed freight.

Euro Hot-Spots: Activity through the town of Beaune, capital of the Burgundy region in France just to the south of Dijon.

Italy: Main line operations in northern Italy with a cross section of traction, including designs dating back to the 1940s and 1960s and including the following classes on both passenger and freight traffic operations: 652, 444, 635, 636, and the 633 class.

Austria: Main line action on the Westbahn, Austria’s busiest main line running between two cities, from Vienna to Salzburg.

New French Livery (1999): Various continental locomotives painted in the new livery adopted by SNCF, with scenes from the French Alps, Hagondage in North-East France and the Somain yard in the north of the country.

Approx. 60 minutes.

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