Eurotrack DVD, Issue 4: Summer 1997




Archive Scenes from the Railways of Europe.

Portuguese Update: Visiting the diesel operated lines around the Algarve, and observing its rich variety of locomotive classes.

Spanish Contrasts: Two contrasting aspects of Spanish rail operations comprising Class 310 and 333 mainline diesels and remnants of the once extensive Rio Tinto Industrial System.

Le Trainspot: The Busy RailCentre of Bordeaux: A Look at the SNCF station at Bordeaux and its wide variety of motive power and train types.

Deutschland Diesels: Focus on Buchoe. Buchoe in Southeast Germany lies on the main line from Munchen to Kempton and Lindau. We observe various train services featuring the latest Diesel Multiple Units as well as classes 215, 218, and 290 main line diesels.

Antwerpen Docks: A detailed look at freight operations in and around a dock system which accounts for half the total freight tonnage carried by the Belgian Rail system.

Lineside Interlude: Austria. Class 1044 activity at Langen am Arlberg.

The Rubelandbahn: A unique former East German electrified line and dedicated Class 171 electric locomotives.

Alpine Crossings, Part 2 – The St Gotthard Route: In Switzerland with classes Re420, Re460 and Re620 locomotives at work against a backdrop of beautiful mountain scenery.

Euro Round-Up: News and motive power changes in and around Europe.

Approx. 55 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Transport Video Publishing (TVP).