Cinemas We Loved Dvd




The first cinema closed in 1964 after starting in shops, fairgrounds and halls.

Cinemas played an important part of everyone’s life.

Before the spread of television people went to pictures at least twice a week.

They brought the world of escapism to villages and towns.

There were theatres where only a few could go to or want to.

Travelling fairgrounds and Bioscope shows, converted halls.

This brought cinematography to the masses.

In this programme we include footage of cinemas and their staff over the years with the first closures in 1964 with the Regent, Ammersham.

Then a study of ‘flea-pits’ right through to the super Palaces of the Thirties.

We must not forget the projectionist high up in the roof in a fire-proof box running the projectors.

We bring the story up to date with the situation today with smaller theatres and the electronic versions just playing HD Dvds in small halls, still bringing films back to the villages.

Approx. 60 minutes.

This new dvd is being sold with full permission of Heritage in Motion.