Cab Ride Highlights 1 DVD: Bentinck/Ratcliffe Power Station ~ Cardiff/Birmingham ~ Carlisle/Glasgow ~ Brighton/Victoria




Part 1 – Railscene No.10 – BENTINCK TO RATCLIFFE POWER STATION: The Coal Run, freight working on the LMR.

Part 2 – Railscene  No.14 – CARDIFF TO BIRMINGHAM: Aboard a DMU in good weather with part of the journey pure Great Western, there were still semaphore signals to be seen.

Part 3 – Railscene No.17 – CARLISLE TO GLASGOW: A ride on No. 86250 from the Border city, the steepest gradient was 1:69 with ten miles in excess of 1:88.

Part 4 – Railscene No.22 – BRIGHTON TO VICTORIA: The journey was scheduled to run 51 miles in 51 minutes.

Please note there is commentary in the Cab Highlights series and cab conversations which are not always audible above locomotive sounds.

Approx. 70 minutes.