Cab Ride 39 DVD: Manchester/Barrow




This dvd, Cab Ride No.39, was filmed on 3rd October 1990 aboard the 31469 from Manchester Victoria to Barrow-in-Furness, one of the last provincial hauled routes.

Traditional semaphore signals remain in use after we diverge from the West Coast Mainline at Carnforth and traverse the southern section of the Cumbrian Coast.

Barrow driver Ricky Alien, Traction Inspection Walter Wood and BR Midland Public Relations Officer Steve Young accompany us on the 10.48 departure.

The train operates limited stops to Preston then all stations to Barrow except Dalton and Roose.

The cab ride compliments dvd, Cab Ride No.40 which covers Barrow-in-Furness to Carlisle later the same day.

Please note there is no commentary other than cab conversations which are not always audible above locomotive sounds.

Approx. 125 minutes.