Cab Ride 24 DVD: Crewe/Penrith




This dvd, Cab Ride No.24, was recorded aboard 86207 “City of Lichfield” on Wednesday 24th May 1989.

It is the “missing link” in our West Coast Main Line cab rides and together with Cab Ride No.05 (Euston to Liverpool) and Cab Ride No.20 (Preston to Glasgow) gives a full journey over the WCML from Euston to Glasgow.

The train, the 08.45 Brighton to Glasgow and Edinburgh “Sussex Scot”, ran approximately 100 minutes late due to staff difficulties further south, but ran consistently that period of time against the timetable.

Our thanks go to BR LMR for arranging this cab ride, together with Inspector Brian Clarke and Drivers Roy Willcock and Ian Hogg.

Please note there is no commentary other than cab conversations which are not always audible above locomotive sounds.

Approx. 105 minutes.