Cab Ride 23 DVD: Sheffield/Cleethorpes




This dvd, Cab Ride No.23, was recorded on Monday 10th April 1989 aboard Class 142 Unit No. 142083 on the 11.31 Sheffield to Cleethorpes service, which ran via Gainsborough Central, Kirton Lindsey and Brigg.

The latter are on a route for which BR had issued closure notices some six months earlier.

The route is almost entirely over Great Central metals and features single, double and quadruple tracks.

The latter were in the process of being “de-gaudrified”.

The majority of the route features semaphore signalling and is very heavily used by freight traffic, in particular coal trains.

Our thanks are due to BR Eastern Region for arranging this cab ride and to Inspector David Green and Driver Derek Longford, both from Sheffield.

Please note there is no commentary other than cab conversations which are not always audible above locomotive sounds.

Approx. 115 minutes.