Bulleid Pacifics DVD




The sight and sound of OVS Bulleid’s Masterpiece.

A survey of the remaining thirty-one Bulleid Pacifics in Britain, tracing their careers in preservation.

A review of OVS Bulleid’s magnificent Pacifics.

The first in a new series of Locomotive Profiles.

Thirty-one Bulleid Pacific locomotives survive today, with twenty-eight of them coming from Dai Woodham’s scrapyard at Barry.

This two hour dvd captures the sight and sound of these popular locomotives.

From 34007 Wadebridge to 34105 Swanage and from 35005 Canadian Pacific through to 35029 Ellerman Lines we cover all thirty of the Light Pacifics and Merchant Navys scattered around the UK.

Thrilling sequences of Clan Line during its long career on the main line from 1974 and in its other guises as long-lost class mates.

Tangmere in all manner of locations during its ten-year stint since restoration.

Footage from the 1980s reveals No. 34092 City of Wells’s triumphant period in the northern fells.

See the many liveries carried by the Light Pacifics during preservation, from Southern malachite green to BR express passenger green on No.34081 92 Squadron.

Twenty-eight Bulleids came from Barry and we see many of them in the yard awaiting purchase and during their restoration and subsequent operation.

Seven Merchant Navy class Pacifics still remain to be steamed again, all but three Light Pacifics from Barry out of eighteen are yet to operate.

All in all, The DVD about the Bulleids!

Approx. 120 mins.

Produced by Kingfisher Productions (2012).

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Kingfisher Productions.