BTF Omnibus DVD




This dvd is a compilation of four films produced by the British Transport Films Unit.

They include:

Main Line Diesel: Produced in 1948, this tells the story of the construction and introduction to service of the first British Main Line Diesel Locomotive, LMS No. 10000, with unique views of the locomotive under construction.

Engine on the Shed: Also an LMS production, this time from 1936, showing how a steam locomotive was serviced in the 1930s.

The locomotive featured is LMS 6170 British Legion which was the prototype Fury.

It is seen in its shortlived single-chimney form.

Single Line Working: A BR instructional film, made in 1956. It illustrates now-obsolete practice, and was filmed on the legendary Somerset and Dorset line with Shepton Mallet station named ‘Averton Hammer’ and Binegar named ‘Boiland’.

Royal Scot in Canada: A 1933 silent film recording the visit of LMS 6100 Royal Scot (now preserved) to Canada and the USA.

Contents: Copyright British Transport films 1984.

Approx. 95 minutes.