British Rail in 1990s DVD: BR’90




Sprinterisation, Sectorisation & Modernisation

Here is what happened in 1990:

Provincial: 158 at Derby, 158704 Wellingborough, Camera-fitted 158714 Basingstoke, 20’s to Skeggy, Oldham loop 31, 31s on the S&C, and other loco haulage with 47418, 47413, 475533, 60006, Frome DMU, Bincombe Bank 156 Trowell, DMU at Clitheroe, Pacer at Stanhope, Brigg reprieval, DMU to Southampton, orange DMUs in the south, Platform 2 for Bromsgrove, Worle, threats to Danecourt, Friargate, Grimsby, Greatham and Grangetown.

Network South East: Corby’s last day, Last 104s, 50’s withdrawn, 203001’s last duties, NSE 73109, new I.O.W. stock, old I.O.W. stock, MLV Freight, Hybrid Sandite DEMU, 50 + TC, 50 diversions, 47s stand in, a 56 stands in!

33/4TC, 33/3TC, last DEMUs to Portsmouth, Solentlink goes live, 6 REP, Aylesbury, Great Missenden and Marylebone re-signalled, Holborn re-modelling to St. Pauls, 319/1, Stanstead EMU, Kings Lynn loses loco hauled, DEMUs to Bristol and Kensington, Crompton to Kensington, last Paddington 50’s and 47/7s to NSE.

Scotrail: 47/7s at Dundee, Dunblane, Lenzie, Aberdeen to Inverness 47’s, Highland Mainline 47 & 37, 37 loco hauled on GSW, Kyle 37, Ness Bridge, North Berwick electrification agreed, 37 & K1.

PTAS: 320, last unrefurbished 303’s, last Scotrail 101’s Paisley Canal, Manchester’s Metrolink and Victoria changes, 142 Hooton electric, Whiston, Meadowhall, Swinton, Bloxwich North, Tame Bridge, crosscity electric, Centro 150/1, 141’s on borrowed time, Altofts, Walsden, Steeton & Silsden, Forster Square changes, 307’s in Yorkshire.

Intercity: Leeds to NL goes live, Newcastle changes, a 91 with a surrogate DVT, 91s on test with MK 4s back to front 91 on commuter stock, 47/8, DBSO tests at Norwich and on service to Colchester, WCML, DVT at Taunton, Weymouth HST special, Charter to Tallylyn, Intercity’s Crompton.

Railfreight: Dead Cromptons leave Salisbury, are seen at Sharnbrook and the end at Vic Berrys, dead 31’s, 20’s, 45 and 47 at Woodhouse, green 20’s at Wigan, 85/0 at Crewe, new R/F 90’s, 47401, 56016 on borrowed time?

56’s in Scotland, 60’s at Loughborough Motherwell S&C, and Eastleigh training.

Revenue work for 023 on Teeside and Mountsorrell, weedkilling on Teeside, 59/1’s on air cons on test, ARC 59 in service new speedlink at Bodmin, a speedlink at Euxtons, the end of Furzebrook oil but new gas, diesels take over from electrics on WCML coil trains.

Engineers: ‘Post Haste’ de-named, ‘Eastleigh’ before and after, re-instated 33057 duties, ‘Dutch’ 37 on test.

Enthusiasts Events: Kings Lynn exhibits ‘the Dutch collection’, Cambridge Gala with a 47 named on trains, 20’s to Fen Drayton, 73 at Ely, 56 at Kings Lynn, triple headed 37s at Kings Lynn, N.N.W. Day – 37 at Cark, 26/31 at Carnforth, 56 and ‘SVR’ at Arnside, Gloucester Railday – 56 at Norton, 37s Ashchurch, 58 at Gloucester, S&C Pilots – 58 at Petteril Bridge Junction, 20/9s at Gargrave, ‘Tamworth Castle’ on test at Shipley, and piloting at Langwathby, the new special K set, Class 25’s, D7672 at Settle Junction, Ethel at Holyhead and D7522 at Crewe works, 47 on underground stock, Tinsley Open Day and shuttle, Coalville DMU, 37’s/25/55 combination!

56’s top’n tail, ‘Teesmaid’ 56 and 2 x 37, ‘Gwent Growler’ top’n tail red 47’s.

Parcels: 47474 unveiling, new livery for LNER 47, diversions over the S&C, and finally, Norwich and Preston DPU’s.

Approx. 115 minutes.