B&R 233 DVD: A Miscellany of Electric & Diesel Power, Part 6




A further instalment of our popular miscellany series of classic ‘modern’ traction featuring many of the diesel and electric classes that operated across the whole of the BR network during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and in some cases even earlier!

The majority of this collection has not been previously seen.

As before we have simply compiled the clips and films in no particular order and thus a few surprises will be in store as you progress through the film.

Once again, a myriad of locations are covered; from Inverness & Edinburgh to Paignton and West Country. In between there is a look at a Cheltenham Race Day plus action around Honeybourne Junction, nearby Gloucester and the Lickey incline.

The 1985 Crewe re-modelling work is seen as well as the old Potts line oil terminal in Shrewsbury.

Then south to Weymouth for a Channel Island Boat Train hauled by a Class 33 Crompton as well as a rare shunter in operation along the Quayside.

The ever popular Woodhead route gets an airing with EM1s, often-double heading.

There are a few scenes on the Settle & Carlisle line and some very early film featuring the launch of LMS 10000, the Britain’s first main line diesel.

Something different is a section on the Sharpness Docks with Hymek action.

The delightful Bourne End branch is covered along with WCML, ECML and Great Eastern lines and a couple of accidents!

A brief interlude features the London Underground Northern Line with 1938 stock in action.

Also in the capital, we look into King’s Cross and Paddington.In addition to the above locomotive types, there is hydraulic action with Warships, Westerns and Hymeks.

English Electric locomotives include 37s and 40s, the latter working out of the Bayston Hill Stone Quarry, as well as at Crewe and other locations.

Plus a glimpse of a BTH Type 1 and a Co-Bo.

Most Brush types are seen in various liveries.

Several Peaks feature along with the fantastic Deltics operating on service trains and Charter work.

EMUs and DMUs are seen working on various regions, including the Blue Pullman and Brighton Belle.

The above offers you a brief scenario of what is in store in this film – there is plenty more.

An authentic soundtrack and an informative commentary accompanies all the scenes, so we hope you will enjoy this tour around the UK.

Approx. 80 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – B&R Video Productions.