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B&R .78 Dvd: Along GWR Lines, Part 2




A look at Great Western locomotives at work from the South Midlands to South Wales.

The large and the small are seen in this programme starting at Oxford.

The Fairford branch is covered in detail before going on to Birmingham via Banbury and scenes at Worcester.

There are scenes at Swindon including the Works.

Gloucester via Chalford leads us to Pontypool Road.

Follow the route to Crumlin and Aberbeeg, coal trains from Blaenavon.

There are panniers and Kings, Prairies and Castles to delight the GWR fans.

Beginning at Oxford this film contains an in depth look at the Fairford branch in 1962.

The Oxford to Birmingham line is seen at Banbury and Bordesley and the parallel route to Worcester visits Charlbury for a pick-up goods.

At Worcester there are Halls, Castle and GWR tank engines including a visit to the shed.

Swindon and its works are seen between 1960 and 1964 with many GWR locomotives, including a County.

The demolition of ‘A’ shop is also filmed.

Travel to Gloucester via Chalford for the auto workings and a variety of motive power where the Western met the Midland.

Pontypool Road is filmed in great detail by a driver from there and also includes his duties along the Vale of Neath line to Crumlin and Aberbeeg.

A 72xx class at Blaenavon and Kings on the North and West route.

The Pontywenydd pilot and a visit to Cardiff end this unique view of the old GWR at locations never seen before on dvd.

Filmed in colour with authentic sound tracking and informative commentary.

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – B&R Video Productions.