B&R .61 Dvd: Engine on Shed, Part 2




A second programme of the work done to steam locomotives on their home territory, the shed.

After their disposal, they were maintained and sometimes repaired.

This film shows the work done to achieve this at main workshops and especially on the sheds with fitters working round the clock.

Watch a new bearing for the tender axle of a Bulleid pacific being made.

The work of the shed pilot engines.

The intricacies of boiler washouts.

The work of the fitters including their breakdown train duties attending at Morpeth, Bournemouth, Mirfield and Edgeley with massive steam cranes.

The many ways of turning engines from hand to power turntables.

Preparations of a locomotive from lighting up to final oiling and off shed including working with sand, last minute repairs.

Follow the complete turnaround of a Bulleid pacific and what was required.

There is a comic turn for a driver’s last turn on the footplate and a last run for a steam engine on withdrawal.

This is not a story about trains on the main line, but something entirely different, what really went on behind the scenes.

Filmed by enthusiast cameramen and some from actual railway workers, all complete archive.

A full explanatory commentary accompanies the sound track of engines at rest and at work, on the shed.

This programme compliments our Volume 60 (B&R No. 60).

Part 2 begins with the work of shed pilot engines before assessing the needs of engine repairs at Works or in the sheds, boiler washouts, re-metalling axle boxes and other jobs for the fitters.

The work of the breakdown trains were also the responsibility of the fitters; we visit loco derailments and see a WD 2-8-0 in steam and tenderless.

The various types of turntables used for steam engines are now virtually extinct.

Finally, the preparation of engines for the road from fire lighting to eventual ringing off the shed is seen in detail.

An engine’s last run in steam and a driver’s last turn of duty on the footplate, are all carefully filmed and recorded by an army of enthusiasts to portray what really went on behind the scenes by those privileged to see it.

A lasting memory to the footplatemen and fitters who had to do it.

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – B&R Video Productions.