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B&R .57 Dvd: Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, Part 4




This is our fourth volume in a series of programmes covering the railways of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

It contains film of steam locomotives on the ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire lines between Burnley, Blackburn and Bolton and shed visits to Rose Grove and Bolton.

Also, freight workings behind Standard and Stanier locomotives with special passenger trains between the years 1965 and 1968.

This was the route for coal trains between Yorkshire and Lancashire serving the mill towns of the Pennines.

Much of the railway seen in this programme has changed for ever; a motorway now runs through the site where once Rose Grove shed stood, one of the last three sheds to close to steam power in 1968.

The route between Blackburn and Bolton via Entwhistle has now been singled where once trains blasted their way up to and through Sough tunnel.

The Horwich push-pull trains are now but a memory along with the works itself.

There is a full and detailed look at the Chequerbent Incline, on the famous Bolton & Leigh railway, the first railway in Lancashire. View the line in its last days from the lineside, guards van and footplate.

Thirteen cameramen supplied the film for this programme and have brought together a programme which is a tribute to the last days of steam traction in Lancashire.

A fourth volume of our series on the lines of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.

Firmly in Lancashire, this film will delight all that loved the scenes towards the end of steam in the North West.

It covers an area from Burnley to Blackburn and south to Bolton, Horwich and Chequerbent.

Mostly filmed in sunny bright weather by competent cameramen, we see Rose Grove at its best (or worst!) with duties over Copy Pit.

8Fs struggle up the Padiham branch and run freely through Huncoat to Accrington.

West to Blackburn, Pleasington and Hoghton summit.

South of Blackburn, we follow the now single line through Sough Tunnel to Entwhistle and Bolton.

We visit the shed there before moving west to Horwich to see the passenger service to Chorley worked by 84xxx tanks.

An in depth look at the Chequerbent incline from the lineside, guards van and footplate, trains having to be split to just three wagons because of the severity of the climb.

Although the odd 2-6-4 tank and WD 2-8-0 appear, the most prolific engines were the Black 5’s and 8F’s but all are beautifully filmed, another fitting tribute to the end of steam in the North West and Lancashire in particular.

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – B&R Video Productions.