B&R .53 Dvd: Southern Steam Finale, Part 4




This fourth volume in the story of the end of Southern steam covers events on the region during August and September 1966.

This was the last summer on the Southern Region when steam would dominate workings from Waterloo to Bournemouth and Weymouth.

Railtours during the period brought A2 pacific ‘Blue Peter’ and A3 ‘Flying Scotsman’ to the south, the first on yet another last steam to Exeter run and the second to work down the Brighton main line.

Also involved was Britannia pacific 70004 ‘William Shakespeare’.

Two Bulleids headed north for Nottingham and Bulleid stock was hauled by a 1500 volt dc electric locomotive on the Woodhead route through Penistone.

All this was captured on film for this programme and runs alongside normal Southern steam scenes allowing fourteen different classes of engine to be portrayed.

Sights of the Cunard Queens are included.

There is an in depth look at Southampton Docks boat train workings, passenger freight and the bullion trains.

To the Isle of Wight for O2 tanks and the paddle steamer ‘Ryde’.

The Channel Islands boat trains to Weymouth are seen, along with the end of the LMS Black Five workings on inter-regional trains in September 1966.

The Swanage branch lost its steam service also in September 1966 and full coverage of the branch is included.

Eighteen cameramen contributed material to this programme to give the best coverage possible of all these events.

This is pure archive; filmed in colour and authentically sound tracked with an informative commentary which will delight all lovers of steam especially the Southern.

The fourth volume in our series of Southern Steam Finales covers the two months of August and September 1966.

There was much to see during the last full summer of steam in the South.

The weather was good and we have chosen the best scenes to portray the Southern scene in general and the railtours that ran in the two months.

Two tours took Bulleid Pacifics to Nottingham on the Great Central.

Bulleid stock went as far north as Penistone behind an electric loco of Class EM1.

Reciprocating these visits there were two Eastern pacifics, travelling on Southern metals, 60532 ‘Blue Peter’ and 4472 ‘Flying Scotsman’.

A general feature is the story of Southern boat trains, passenger, freight and gold bullion!

02s on the Isle of Wight still ran but Black 5s visiting the region ended with the summer timetable.

The Swanage branch is seen in detail before it lost its regular steam service in the September.

All these stories are related in this programme allowing 15 different classes to be seen.

Filmed by competent cameramen, using the best of equipment at the time, this really is the definitive story of Southern steam at the end.

There are only another five volumes to go!!

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – B&R Video Productions.