B&R .52 Dvd: Industrial Steam, Part 1




A definitive look at the industrial locomotives that served British industry from the early 1960s.

From the oldest centenarian at Seaham Harbour and the smallest saddle tank at Par, through all types and sizes to the largest, a Garratt at Baddesley Colliery.

The popular misconception that Industrial railways were just yard shunts with small 0-4-0 tanks or the ubiquitous J94 type will be completely dispelled by this programme.

Some systems were enormous like Ashington, Philadelphia and Corby, often fully signalled as well, compared to smaller concerns which only had a half mile of track.

There are industrial yards and open countryside, stiff gradients and poor track.

It was all to be found on Industrial systems.

There were ex BR steam engines to be found from all of the ‘big four’ companies sold into industrial service.

There were narrow gauge systems as well at Bowaters, Kettering and in North Wales.

Ironstone quarries of the East Midlands where variety was the name of the game, could boast nearly 100 engines.

Engines wrestling with poor track abounded at cement works while ports such as Preston, Whitehaven and Falmouth Docks,  locations providing steam locomotives at work.

Par had one of the smallest and Baddesley Colliery had a Garratt at the other extreme.

Fire-less engines found favour with paper manufacturers.

The oldest engine in service could be found at Seaham, with Wirksworth a close second.

Sentinels lived at Burton Latimer and Whifflett.

Crane tanks at Doxford’s and Stanton & Staveley.

Even a sewage plant found use for steam.

Power stations had side tanks the power of a Black 5, the NCB probably had the biggest fleet of all and probably the most variety.

These are not posed views of steam but engines working hard for their living in their true environment.

There are 100 engines from twenty-five builders in this story.

It was all part of the steam scene in Britain, if you saw them, here are the memories; if not see what you missed.

Approx. 60 minutes.

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