B&R .45 Dvd: Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, Part 2




The Stanedge Route from Yorkshire into Lancashire.

This was originally LNWR but our remit for this series of films is of railways around the counties of Lancashire And Yorkshire.

Part One reached the Calder Valley and now in Part 2 we begin there and traverse the line to Manchester via Huddersfield and Stanedge portraying a variety of traffic that used this four-track main line.

We leave Yorkshire and head for Lancashire via the ex LNWR route from Heaton Lodge Junction, through Huddersfield and the climb to Stanedge.

Local enthusiast Geoff Lumb of Huddersfield filmed almost yard by yard from Springfield Junction to Stanedge tunnel.

This involves virtually all the types of traffic and locomotives to be seen from 1963 to 1967.

So summer extras (just look at the stock on some of the trains), coal trains westwards, empties returning, general freight, and oil tank trains feature with Jubilee, Black 5, Stanier Classes 5 & 8, Crab, 8F, 9F, WD and 2-6-4 Tanks as motive power on this six mile climb over the Pennines mainly on a 1-in-105 gradient.

As in Part 1, snow scenes are included, this time at Longwood and freight trains pounding their way to the summit at Stanedge.

Then it is down the other side of Stanedge travelling down the Tame Valley through Diggle to Stalybridge.

We take a diversion to Guide Bridge and the Woodhead Route.

Although not strictly Lancashire or Yorkshire metals but it was a Trans-Pennine route and there is steam traction mixing with the 1500v DC electrics plus the visits of three LNER designed pacifics.

To return to our route at Manchester via Denton Junction to Miles Platting.

There is an interesting look at traffic through Newton Heath area, all good steam days.

Before a journey with Fowler 2-6-4 Tank 42343 over the L&Y railway lines of Middleton Junction, Rochdale, Whitworth branch, Royton and Oldham Werneth ending at Manchester Ducie Street Goods.

Finally a look at Manchester Victoria station which is our stepping off point for Part 3!

Approx. 60 minutes.

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