B&R .15 Dvd: Archive Newsreel, Part 2




B&R No. 15.

Archive Newsreel No. 2.

The Colin White Collection No. 5.

The second programme in the series offers a further multitude of fascinating subjects in nine sections.

Covering a multitude of locations and types of locomotive from the days of steam in regular service through to preservation days with many unrepeatable scenes.

Section 1: 9F locomotives lasted into 1968 with British Railway.

We see them at work in their last days, including an ex-Crosti type and 92203 and 92220 at work on special trains.

Section 2: The Marlow Branch celebrated its centenary in 1973 and this section shows ex-GWR 1450, 6106 and 6998 at work on the branch.

Section 3: With main line steam on BR ceasing in 1968, specials were run in the North-West.

We feature two of them: the Lancastrian No.2 Railtour and the SLS to Carnforth.

Britannia 70013 and Black Fives 45156 and 44949 are seen.

Section 4: Scenes at the narrow gauge Bowaters Paper Mills in Kent before closure which contrast he locomotives working days and the pleasure they now give to passengers at Whipsnade.

Section 5: A tribute to steam power out of Waterloo Station in 1967.

Featuring the Bournemouth Belle, an immaculate 34057, 75069 (now preserved on the SVR), Bullied Pacifics, Standard Class 5s, 80XXX and 82XXX tanks.

Section 6: Stockport Edgeley Shed showing Stanier Class 5s and 8Fs in their natural environment, the motive power depot with the men who worked on them while they were turned and coaled.

Section 7: Pacific action in France and Germany lasted some years after the end of steam on BR.

Unique footage shows the French and German Pacifics in steam at Carnforth and the same French Pacific at the head of the ‘Golden Arrow’ at leaving Calais Hof.

Trier, Crailsheim, Lathen and Berlin feature 01 and 03 classes at work.

Section 8: ‘Gordon’ the unique WD 2-10-0, its rare appearance on a BR special in 1966, at Longmoor, on a visit to Shildon and finally preservation on the SVR.

Section 9: A 1969 visit to Shilbottle Colliery in Northumberland, where Austerity 0-6-0 tanks worked hard on the three mile branch run by the National Coal Board.

Approx. 55 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – B&R Video Productions.