B&R .14 Dvd: Archive Newsreel, Part 1




B&R No. 14.

The Colin White Collection No.4.

The overwhelming popularity of Colin White’s superb archive material has enabled us to produce a fourth film with an even greater selection of topics.

Section 1: LNWR 790 ‘Hardwicke’ this remarkable veteran stretched her legs for a short time in the 1970s.

Colin White followed her. On one trip to York double-heading with ‘Flying Scotsman’ he was even in 4472s cab for part of the journey offering an almost unique filming opportunity.

Other scenes see ‘Hardwick’ in action in the Lake District.

Section 2: Heaton Mersey, 9F. A study of Stanier’s 8Fs class on shed being coaled, watered and turned in the last days of the depot’s life.

Section 3: Doxfords shipyard tucked away in Sunderland had an incredible fleet of Crane Tanks used to service and supply the Yard from 1902 to 1970.

The first batch of 0-4-0 locomotives were built by Hawthorne Leslie, the second by RS & H in 1940-42 all of which survived into preservation.

Section 4: Narrow gauge articulated locomotives beginning with those peculiar Fairlie engines on the Ffestinog in North Wales.

In East Germany we have examples of the Saxon-Meyer system in operation with transporter wagons.

The amazing Herberlein brake and steam belt would you believe!

Mallett articulated engines in Germany where 0-4-4-0 tanks working hard through the snow near Helmstedt up to the Haertz Mountains.

Finally to Portugal for some 2-4-6-0 Mallett tanks around Regua and a short glimpse of some smaller 0-4-4-0 units at Porto Trinidado.

Section 5: Back to the UK in 1967 with 4498 working special tours on the Southern with 34023 still in capital stock of course.

Scenes from Waterloo, Nine Elms, Southampton and Bournemouth, ah, the charm of the chime!

Section 6: The famous West German 50 and 52 classes in their home territory and in Austria.

TY51 and TY246 types in Poland.

Followed by a class 556 2-10-0 in Czechoslovakia.

Finally three of these giants pounding a northbound freight out of Ceske Lipa.

Section 7: 1978 and Royal Scot class 6115 in post-war LMS black.

Colin found time to film her on two occasions from her base at Dinting to York and around Manchester.

Section 8: Isle of Wight steam operations ceased on the 31st December 1966.

Very little record of the last day appears to exist but we have a rare short film of many of the remaining 02 class tanks in action.

At the time they were the oldest locomotives in BR Stock.

Section 9: Along the Southern main line as a few Bulleid Pacifics act out their last duties around Bournemouth and Poole including 34001 and 34100.

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – B&R Video Productions.