B&R .13 Dvd: Steam Heritage




The third in the series of programmes from the cine archives of Colin White.

Transferred from standard 8 material to low-band Umatic master, this film offers excellent quality with sound-tracking generally accepted to be the most accurate in the business.

Sit back and enjoy a full hour of action with ‘Steam Heritage’ featuring UK steam dating back twenty to twenty-five years.

Section 1: A profile of Buxton & Edge Motive Power Depots.

Buxton on a snowy St. Valentine’s Day in 1968 with 8F’s shunting around the depot and others storming up to Peak Forest well loaded.

At Edge Hill a named Black 5 passes as another is turned.

A 9F trundles through and several 8Fs complete the picture, although there is a surprise at the end.

Section 2: With steam gone on the GW Region, BR still allowed the occasional special working in 1968.

A glimpse of the GWS at Taplow as 7808 brings in a special from Birmingham.

7029 (filthy) takes over from 35023 at Banbury.

4079 (immaculate) and 7029 (spotless) work up to Chester.

Ever seen 1466 double-heading with 6998 on the main line? – keep watching!

The Wallingford Branch concludes this section with 1466 in her more traditional setting ambling along the branch with the restored Auto-coach, also in 1968.

Section 3: Southern steam in 1961/2, no not another load of Bulleids, but a complete mixture of SR classes around Staines, Havant, Guildford and Woking areas.

Including 0415, U, N, C2X, M7, A1X, O, N15, LN (plus a few Bullieds and Standards).

Rare footage of the French President’s train and the Royal Train, the Bournemouth Belle and 34042 hauling a train of LNER articulated stock – Whatever next!

Section 4: Accidents and incidents regretfully occur on all railways large and small, some with horrifying results.

Many however almost have a touch of humour about them, it is the latter type that follow.

At Lytham Motive Power Museum, a coach is de-railed.

At Nine Elms the break-down train, of all things, struggles back on to the rails.

34092 has demolished a set of level crossing gates in 1982.

841 has a buckled coupling rod.

A German turntable incident.

Locomotive upset at Bedlay Colliery and shunting problems at Amble Staithes.

Section 5: Continuing the Industrial theme of the last two scenes, we have lively shots of diminutive colliery engines working their rods off as they pound up and down some ridiculous track-work at Brynlliw and Pontardulais Mines

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – B&R Video Productions.