B&R .10 Dvd: Diesel-Electric Power, Part 2




A sequel to Volume 9 which concentrates on the modern image of British Rail motive power.

Most classes active on BR in 1985/6 are featured including a glimpse of the then new class 59 on proving trials piloted by 56047 on the spectacular Foster-Yeoman stone trains.

We start with scenes at Wakefield Kirkgate, a mainly freight location at the centre of a number of lines and during weekdays enjoyed a wealth of traffic.

Classes 20, 25, 31, 37, 47 and 56 feature and include the unusual 37006 as well as a triple-headed Class 20 freight.

D200 is viewed at a number of locations on special runs including the ‘Tamar-Tyne Special’ on 02.11.85 and the ‘Penzance Flyer’ on 09.11.85 in Penzance.

On the WCML, Acton Bridge (north of Crewe) sees considerable activity on a weekday morning in November 1985 sees considerable activity behind both electric and diesel traction including a rare shot of 27066.

Nearer Crewe at an overbridge we see departmental locos 97403 (46035) and 97201 (24061) as well as APT, HST, 87, 86, 85, 81, 58 and 47 Classes on a wide variety of interesting operations.

Our next location is Severn Tunnel Junction, another busy location, with wintry conditions on 28.11.85.

A 56 waits with oil tanks for a London bound HST as 25259 struggles gamely with a huge freight.

37s include ‘British Steel Shelton’ also DMUs, 45, 47 (47078 ‘Sir Daniel Gooch’ in green), 56, 33, 31 as well as an 08 on the Silcock Express!

At Chinley North Junction, unusual views of 31s and 20s mainly, as well as 45s and double-headed 37s as the trains negotiate the crossings on to the triangle or speed through to Manchester.

We see a couple more double-headers at Chapel-en-le-Frith before moving to the dilapidated remains of Chinley Station where among others, 40057 powers through.

Just a couple of scenes of 40009/44 manoeuvring light engine in the yard at Warrington as a reminder of times past.

Merehead, with two shots of 59001 on proving trials being piloted by 56047 on the spectacular Foster-Yeoman private owner wagon train.

Approx. 60 minutes.

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