Aspects of East & West German Steam Dvd




Featuring East & West German Steam (1968–1996).

Steam in Germany has become a major attraction for enthusiasts, with a wide range of activity on both the standard and narrow gauge networks.

The Last Decade of German Steam: A compilation of archive footage from West Germany, showing a wide variety of classes including ‘Pacifics’ and 2-10-0s on passenger and freight.

‘Pacific’ Power: All action archive footage from West Germany showing the last rebuilt and unrebuilt ‘Pacifics’ to work express and local passenger services in the Saalfeld and Halberstadt areas.

The Narrow Gauge: 1960s archive from various lines including the Isle of Rugen, Wolkenstein to Johnstadt, Gernrode to Wernigerode and Oschatz to Mugeln.

To bring the story into the early 1990s the Radeburg and Zittau lines are also featured.

East German Action: A dip into the archives with Class 95s, Class 50s, Class 44s and Class 52s in various action packed scenes from the GDR.

In addition we bring the story right up to date with a synopsis of various classes using steam action in the period up to 1996.

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Transport Video Publishing (TVP).