An Archive History of Great Western Steam Dvd, Part 3




Part 3: 1970 to 2010

A series produced to mark the 175th Anniversary of the GWR Great Western Railway.

The Definitive Archive History of Great Western Steam from grouping through to the preservation era using, mainly, film unpublished on dvd.

Volume 3 traces the development of steam from 1970 through the return of main line steam and then into a new century.


Severn Valley Railway in 1970.

Twyford Open Day.

Old Oak Common Open Day 1971.

Reading Open Day.

Last steam on London Transport with Pannier Tanks.

Tyseley Open Day.

Steam returns to the main line featuring King George V.

0-4-2 Tank in filming of Young Winston.

Caerphilly Open Day with 43 hundred tank 5322.

Dart Valley Railway in 1972.

Steam on the main line in 1972.

Marlow Centenary in 1973 featuring 1450 tank.

The Kingswear branch.

Main line King in 1974.

Newport special with Pendennis Castle in 1974.

Bulmers Open Day.

Filming with 5322 at Old Oak Common.

The Vintage Train.

7808 Cookham Manor returns.

Shildon cavalcade.

West Somerset Railway opens.

Pendennis Castle in Australia.

125th Anniversary of Paddington.

Rainhill 150th anniversary in 1980.

Rocket and Evening Star at Didcot.

Old Oak Common Day in 1981.

Main line steam in 1982, 1983 and 1984.

GWR 150.

Celebrations including 2857 on freight at Newport.

Closure of Swindon Works.

City of Truro returns to steam.

Steam returns to the Cambrian in 1987.

King George V taken out of traffic.

Cholsey 100 Celebrations.

Nunney Castle in the north of England.

Gloucs. and Warks. Extension.

6024 King Edward I on S&C.

Dawlish Shuttles.

Metropolitan steam.

Locos returning to steam.

King on Lickey.

Royal Duty.

Hall at Merehead Quarry on freight.

Castle over Shap.

GWR 175.

Approx. 90 minutes.

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