A Train Spotter’s Notebook Dvd, Part 2


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A Train Spotter’s Notebook Dvd – Volume Two – Salisbury to the West Country and the Somerset & Dorset.

This, the second colour dvd in ‘The Train Spotter’s Notebook’ series moves from Scotland to the Southern Region and covers the lines west of Salisbury.

The introduction starts at Nine Elms depot and Waterloo from where we depart hauled by 34013 Okehampton with short scenes at Woking and Basingstoke.

We next depart Salisbury on the Plymouth to Brighton service hauled by 34040 Crewkerne, returning from Barnham where a 4 BUF and 4 COR are seen leaving.

Travelling via St. Denys and Southampton Central we return to Salisbury where Bullied Pacifics, Standards, William Shakespeare and Blue Peter on a rail tour along with the snow of 1966 feature.

A Crompton paces our train out of Salisbury as we head west to Templecombe.

Steam on the main line is filmed as we move on to the Somerset and Dorset with Ivatt tanks, various classes of Standards, a Merchant Navy, an un-rebuilt Battle of Britain and West Country and 8Fs going about their normal work and rail tours at Templecombe station and shed, Cole, Evercreech Junction, Binegar and Blandford Forum.

These include on train and line-side shots along with the final weekend, the 5th and 6th March 1966.

Main line working with Bullied Pacifics, Blue Peter, Warships and a North British Type 2 diesel in the Sherborne area follow and so to everyday workings at Yeovil Junction.

The locomotives seen during their fourteen minute section are Pannier Tanks along with Ivatt and Standard Class 4 2-6-4Ts, a Standard Class 5 4-6-0- and 4 2-6-0, N Class, Merchant Navy and all the variations of Bullied Pacifics, and A4 on a rail tour along with Warships, a Western and Crompton diesels, Suburban and Cross Country DMUs and not to forget that Yeovil Junction turntable in use!

A regular feature towards the end of steam were banana trains through Yeovil Pen Mill. One of these is seen leaving Weymouth behind a Standard Class 5 4-6-0 and a Crompton followed by shots at Pen Mill with Standard Class 5 and 4 on these trains with West Country Class Pacifics on a parcels train and rail tour.

Flying Scotsman is seen on the Weymouth to Westbury route followed by A4 Kingfisher on a rail tour at Yeovil Junction,

Exeter Central and Exmouth Junction depot.

Following Kingfisher departing Exeter St. Davids banked by a Hymek, 35023 heads out before we move on to the final section of the programme.

This covers Okehampton station and the routes to Halwill Junction, Bude, Padstow and Bodmin Road with DMUs, B-B and A1A-A1A Warships, a North British Type 2 and an 0-6-0 diesel shunter on the Wenford china clay working.

This programme uses a variety of narration and captions.

Approx. 66 minutes including a 14 minute preview of A Train Spotter’s Notebook Dvd – Volume One – Scotland.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Videolines.