Steam From the Garden of England to the English Riviera DVD




The Beauty of Steam Collection – Steam From the Garden of England to the English Riviera DVD

What can anyone want more than their own garden?

The County of Kent – the Garden of England – has always been one of the most romantic and colourful parts of the country and its railways have reflected this.

Some of the prettiest steam locomotives of all still run here, as do some of the most beautiful and powerful, on trains which exude elegance and class, such as the Orient Express.

On through Hampshire and Dorset we go into the Counties of Cornwall and Devon – England’s playgrounds, the holiday haunts of our youth.

As green as the countryside they pass through are the locomotives of the Southern and Great Western Railways, beautifully presented and designed.

The railways both helped to create and to shape the landscapes of the southern part of our island, and steam locomotives are synonymous with holidays, the days of our memories – and the West Country.

This classic re-issue of footage from a DVD first released in 2018 contains superb film of steam locomotives at work – from over three decades past – in the landscapes that they helped to create …and is a stunning reminder of the lasting Beauty of Steam.

Approx. 53 minutes.

This DVD is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Unique Productions Ltd/Unique Transport DVDs.