Marsden Rail .5 Dvd: Shrewsbury


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The West Midlands in the early 1960’s was a hive of activity and the yards at Stourbridge Junction handled large tonnages of freight for the Birmingham area.

Power  stations were still coal fired and even the small power station had a daily train.

To the north-west, Shrewsbury handled a constant flow of passenger traffic with the Western Region running London to Birkenhead trains as well as through trains to the Cambrian coast.

Plus, north to south expresses (Liverpool and Manchester to Cardiff and Portsmouth), local branch trains and stopping trains all had to be found routes through the area.

The steelworks at Brymbo are shown en-route to Chester, where North Wales coast traffic competed with freight workings for a path through the station.

Loose coupled goods trains, boat trains from Birkenhead and branch  passenger trains have long since disappeared and this programme is a vivid reminder of the steam era.

Between 1959 and 1968, railway enthusiast and cine-cameraman, Michael Marsden, recorded views and sounds of the rapidly changing face of Britain’s rail network.

For over twenty-five years after steam ended, he captivated audiences throughout the country with his unique film collection that captured steams’ last decade and the full emergence of the diesel locomotive.

The blending of this film and that of other cameramen with true sounds of the era, plus an informative narrative, has resulted in the creation of a superb range of railway programmes detailing the last decade of British mainline steam operations.

Approx. 55 mins.

Region 0/Region free. NTSC versions are available on request.

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