A Week in North Wales Dvd




New Double DVD Special Collectors Edition.

Ten years on, the ultimate programme on the North Wales Coast line is available once again, but this time it’s a special double disc DVD with 90 minutes of bonus footage – an all new version for 2009!

With class 37 and 47 hauled passenger trains, HSTs, ballast trains and class 101 ‘Heritage’ DMUs, the line along the North Wales Coast was an enthusiasts paradise in the mid and late-1990s.

Being the last place in the UK to sample class 37 haulage, it certainly was the place to be but what about a week in the life of this scenic line, recorded in great detail?

A journey which starts at midnight at Holyhead on a Saturday and finishes near to Chester the following Friday?

This special collectors programme offers a unique chance to see the day to day running of a railway line and on top of that it was filmed in 1999, the last year of the old century.

Train Crazy is proud to bring you what we believe is the most detailed railway programme ever made on one stretch of line with over 140 action sequences from 30 locations.

This was the last chance to see the coast before the new trains arrived…….

Filmed 24th – 30th April 1999, before the reduction in 37-hauled trains.

Eight different 37s on passenger duties including 37375 and 37412.

On the Euston – Holyhead trains, eight different 47s plus a variety of HST power cars.

A variety of different liveries, single/pairs of 37s plus a 56 pairing on freight!

47733 and 47766 on the test train.

Heritage DMUs including green 101 685.

Modern DMUs including a new liveried 150s and 158s.

On-screen trivia, loco and coach diagrams, unit allocations, train details, a class 101 destination blind run-through, facts and figures with an informative running commentary and digital editing.

Originally available as a two hour video, this special double disc DVD edition is just short of FOUR hours in duration.

It features all the film from the original week, completely re-edited with a new script, some unseen footage, plus:

The week that never was – the original week that was ruined by bad weather.

A day in North Wales from 1995, 1998 and 2000.

The pair of 37s that ran to Holyhead on Sundays.

What happened to the Class 37s and 47s that were seen during the featured week.

The North Wales line from 1999 to 2009.

The Director’s Chair.

Travel back in time to when real trains ruled the rails!

This is the ultimate programme for lovers of class 37 thrash and the wonderful North Wales Coast!

Produced by – Train Crazy.

Approx.  230 Minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Train Crazy – Videoscene.