The Richard Willis Collection DVD: Part 1 to 4




Volume 1 – Main Line Steam Routes

Volume 2 – Main Line Steam Routes

Volume 3 – The Grime & Glory Years

Volume 4 – Oasis of Steam

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A series of programmes on dvd based on the highly acclaimed 16mm colour films made by the late Richard J. Willis during the 1960s.

These companion volumes cover the lines of the former GCR, GWR, LNWR, Midland Railway and Southern Railway.

Today, the early 1960s have a particular nostalgic appeal for those lucky enough to have observed steam’s final decade in service on B.R.

The gleaming locomotives we are so familiar with today in their preserved form were, twenty-five years ago, a pretty ill-kept and unloved bunch.

This did not stop them giving their all for masters who would, within a few years, consign them to the scrapheap.

Enjoy Richard’s footage capturing these final evocative years.

Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4 on two dvds.

Approx. 210 minutes.