The Jacobite Steam Train DVD – Special Edition


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The main feature is edited as one single journey.

This special edition features:

Film: ‘The Jacobite Steam Train’, running at 94 minutes.
Film: ‘The Festive Jacobite’, running at 16 minutes.
Musical Montage: ‘The Jacobite’, running at 5 minutes.
Film: ‘Beyond the Jacobite’, running at 11 minutes.
Film: ‘Steam across Scotland’, running at 32 minutes.
All times are approximate.

Plus: A 36 page, full colour DVD-size booklet, full of pictures and facts about the Jacobite route.

Discs 1 & 2 – The Jacobite Steam Train
LMS Black Five No. 45407 on her forty-two mile journey between Fort William and Mallaig in the Scottish Highlands.
This film features trackside footage, edited together as one single journey
Includes a 36-page, full colour booklet that acts as a narrative for the journey.
Approx. 94 minutes.

Disc 3 – Extras
The Festive Jacobite: The Jacobite at Christmas, including shots in the snow at Fort William and Loch Eil – 16 minutes.
The Jacobite: Musical Montage – 5 minutes.
Beyond the Jacobite: The Jacobite Five’s double-heading rail tours in England – 11 minutes.
Steam across Scotland: Footage from the Scottish days of the Great Britain XI (2018) and Great Britain XII (2019) rail tours – 32 minutes.
All times are approximate.

Please Note: If you have previously bought our ‘Black Five on the Jacobite’ DVD, then the SPECIAL EDITION does borrow some footage from that film, which has been re-cut with the new material and colour-graded where necessary.

This DVD is captioned, without commentary.
Facts and a narrative about the route are provided in the booklet.
On three discs.

Plus: A 36-page Booklet, full-colour pictures and fact guide.
Main Feature Run time: Approx. 94 minutes.
Bonus Material: Approx. 64 minutes.
Total Run time: Approx. 158 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Dragon in the Firebox Productions.