Cab Ride Xtra 2 DVD: ‘Rolling Stones’ Merehead to Theale




Cab Ride Xtra No.2 – ‘Rolling Stones’ 

Merehead to Theale on two dvds

This dvd was made with the invaluable assistance of Foster Yeoman Limited, who are well known to railway enthusiasts for their commitment in the use of rail and especially their purchase of five General Motors built Class 59 diesel locomotives.

We start by examining the process by which Foster Yeoman’s principle product, stone from the vast quarry at Merehead in Somerset is blasted from the ground, transferred to grading sheds and loaded onto the trains.

The railway complex at Merehead is seen, including the special servicing shed for the class 59’s and repair facilities for wagons, before we join a Westbury driver for the cab ride onboard 59005 from the terminal to Theale.

The full cab ride over the ex-Great Western West of England main line, from Witham Friary via Westbury to Theale, forms the bulk of the dvd.

Please note there is no commentary other than cab conversations which are not always audible above locomotive sounds.

Approx. 165 minutes on two dvds.