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Space Exploration: *History of Transport Pack of Playing Cards

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For as long as humans have gazed at the heavens – the Sun, Moon and Stars – we have wondered at the enormity of how little we know about what lies beyond our own planet Earth.

This deck of 54 illustrated playing cards takes us on a voyage of historical discovery.

From early superstitious beliefs, through advances in astronomical instruments, planetary discoveries and rocket science.

To the latest technologies and spacecraft now exploring our universe and beyond – back to the beginning of time.

Buy two packs of the same design and play ‘Picture Snap’.

Each card features a different illustration:

Apollo 11 Lunar Module
Congreve’s Rocket
Dennis Tito
Explorer 1 Satellite
Fire Arrows
First Space Walk
Galileo Galilei
Gaocheng Ancient Observatory
Geocentric (Ptolemaic) View of Universe
Hale’s Rocket Patent
Hermann Julius Oberth
Herschel Space Observatory
Herschel’s Telescope
Hubble Telescope
IBM Computers in Space
International Space Station
Istanbul Observatory
Jansky’s Radio Telescope
John Glenn
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Luna 2
Lunar Roving Vehicle
Mariner 2
Mars Sojourner
Mercury-Redstone 3
MIR Space Station
N-1 Rocket
Newton’s Principia
Nicolaus Copernicus
Parkes Radiothermal Telescope
Planck Spacecraft
Rheinhold Tiling
Robert H Goddard
Salyut 1
SK-1 Spacesuit
Space Elevator
Space Junk (Debris)
Space Shuttle
Sputnik 1
Tipu Sultan
V-2 Rocket
Venera Series
Voyager 1
Wan Hoo Rocket Chair
Werner Von Braun
Yuri Gagarin

These cards are being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Heritage Playing Card Company.