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War on the Line Dvd: Southern Railway World War Two

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From pre-Dunkirk to post D-Day.

A Silent Documentary

Original, un-issued official film, of high quality made when photography was restricted.

Unique views of many historical events that have only previously recorded in print.

A totally silent film, with the original brief titles.

This dvd should be viewed in conjunction with the Middleton Press book ‘War on the Line’.

The numbers relate to the relevant page in the book.

Evacuation: Children destined to the country (32)

Precaution: Defence of tunnels (149)

Communication: Messengers by motor cycle to Dorking (141)

Blackout – Blue Bulbs: Window and lamp masking (151)

Information: Emergency sign writing (153)

Conscript Transport: Departure from Waterloo

BEF: British Expeditionary Force leaves for France

Embarkation: Men and materials at Southampton

Canadian Troops: Arrival at Farnborough

Leave Trains: More demands on Victoria (53, 131)

Recreation: Canteens at London termini

Nature’s War: Landslide at Folkestone Warren

All Clear: Speed limit on the re-laid track

Dunkirk Evacuation: Dover Marine – landing and loading, Margate – LNER stock, Allied troops Redhill, feeding and refreshing (7-3 1)

Hospital Ships: The SR Cross Channel Packets (8, 12)

Civilian Casualties: Hospital trains at Windsor (32, 36)

France Capitulates: More foreign troops on the SR

Refugees & Prisoners: The 5th column at Waterloo

Station Signs: Removal and obliteration (152)

Front Lines: SR Local Defence Volunteers parade (194)

Chief Officer Helps: Home Guard formed from LDV (197)

Cooperation With Army: Firearm training for staff. Gallantry of railwaymen

Enemy Action: Track and stock damage Clapham Junction (55-107), Portsmouth Harbour platforms (104)

Works War Production: Boats and Pontoons (156), Landing craft, Wagon kits for Russia (160)

Waterloo & City: New stock and the Armstrong Lift in action. Removal of 1898 coaches

New Locomotives: Naming of 21C1 Channel Packet (157)

Women at War: A multitude of tasks undertaken (172)

American Army: New traffic demands again

D-Day: Preparations and after

Troop Ships: A new role for SR ferries (8)

WD Locos Shipped: The 1000th recorded at Dover (129)

All rights reserved: Branch Line Video 2007.

Approx. 57 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of Branch Line Video.