Victorian Steam Power, Steam Powered Pumping Stations DVD, Part 2




Victorian Steam Power, Steam Powered Pumping Stations.

The power of steam driven beam engines explained and the tasks they were used for described by the experts and enthusiasts who operate and maintain these facilities.

More stories of steam powered pumping stations still working in the 21st Century.

Discover the story behind why these buildings, engines, boilers and pumps were put in place.

What were they for, how did they work, what is a beam engine and how did they work, how is a coal fired boiler operated?

In this programme each of the locations is explained and demonstrated by those enthusiasts and volunteers who know them best, those who restore, maintain and run these stations.

Featuring: Mill Meece, Leawood, Abbey and Westonzoyland.

All of these locations are open to the public and this programme also provides information on where to find them and how to visit each of the stations.

This second look at these examples of large static steam powered pumping stations, takes in big facilities like the Abbey in Leicester with its four huge beam engines.

As well as smaller locations like Leawoods beam engine powered pump still lifts water into the Cromford canal.

Westonzoylands centrifugal type pump cleared water from the Somerset levels.

Plus Mill Meece with its horizontal engines lifted drinking water in Staffordshire.

Over ninety minutes of information and footage about this part of our working heritage.

Approx. 95 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Avalon Video Productions.