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Trams & Trolleys in Netherlands Dvd, Part 2: Rotterdam Utrecht, Houten & Arnhem


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Starting in Holland’s second city- Rotterdam, where all types of trams in current operation, all with an interesting history of development are covered.

Savour the scenes from a variety of locations – new routes and old, street running and reserved track.

They vary from the busy tram roundabout at Hof Plein to a single line through the Lijnbaan shopping precinct, the new route over the Erasmus Bridge, the grassed reservations of Westersingel, Centraal Station and the main thoroughfare of Coolsingel among others.

A little history and a few updates. Experience the Rotterdam tram scene. You will find it fascinating.

The Suntram operates on two routes out of Utrecht. Wholly on reserved track, the refurbished units of Connexxion prove an interesting insight into urban development and the need for fast, regular and reliable services.

Visit Nieuwegein Zuid and Centrum along with other locations and some in-cab footage.

Urban development has played a key role in the need for a tram service to link Houten NS Station with Houten Castellum. Travel on an ex-Hannover tram and learn some interesting facts about this isolated section of tramway. It plays a far more significant role in future development than first meets the eye.

Trolleys may not seem at first glance to be related to trams. But the Arnhem trolleybus network is worthy of inclusion because it contributes a relatively pollution free form of transport unique in too few towns and cities around the world.

From the busy Willemsplaan and new bus station to the leafy suburbs of The Burgers Zoo and Velp, travel on and see this wonderfully quiet, clean and frequent form of transport.

A Videolines Production (2004).

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Videolines.