The Long Drag DVD




An award-winning, colour film, made during the early 1960s depicting the Settle-Carlisle Railway and its structures before the end of steam.

This is a very special opportunity to own a copy of the film ‘The Long Drag’ on DVD.

Made between 1960 and 1963 by Peter Boocock, a keen film maker from West Yorkshire, his award-winning film about the Settle-Carlisle Railway won its title in the world-wide ‘Tenbest’ film awards of 1963.

This evocative colour film about the Settle & Carlisle Railway  portrays an important era on the line, when titled trains were still evident, and hauled by ‘Peaks’, and when freight was very much in the hands of steam motive power.

We see the line before its final run-down and view the stations and structures with all their fittings.

His filming period included the severe winter of 1962-3 and brings to reality the harshness of a snow covered Pennine route.

Approx. 50 minutes.