Steam around Folkestone DVD




Steam from the 1920s and recent steam specials to the Harbour.

Featuring steam trains in the 1920s at Sandling Junction and briefly Hythe Branch.

Expresses of the period thunder by.

The ‘Man of Kent’ is made up at Central Station with ‘Golden Arrow’ passes.

The Harbour branch is busy with three or four R1 tank engines dragging Pullman trains up the 1 in 30 incline, later Panniers take over.

Southern Railway ships arrive and depart from the pier, cars are winched aboard.

Moving to recent times, all shipping has gone steam specials add the incline to their journeys.

Seen are locomotives such as Lord Nelson, Tangmere, Oliver Cromwell, Bodmin, Britannia and Black 5 49325.

Diesel class locomotives such as 47s, 67s and 73s are seen the Blue Pullman and Golden Arrow coach sets and the preserved Hastings narrow bodied ‘Thumper’.

Since closure many specials have ran and when closed received much attention all of which can be discovered on this DVD.

Approx. 73 minutes.

This product is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of Heritage in Motion.