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Rails to St. Gallen Dvd


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Rails to St. Gallen Cab Ride Dvd by John Cocking.

St. Gallen in North East Switzerland is a major railway centre. Trains of the Swiss Federal Railways, the Sud-Ost Bahn, Appenzellerbahn and the Bondensee-Toggenburg all converge in the city. It is the last two railways that are the subject of the cab-ride dvd.

The Appenzellerbahn is a metre gauge railway with a mixture of adhesion and rack-assisted sections. The view from the driver’s cab from the sub-Alpine village of Appenzell to the capital city of the adjacent canton is shown in its entirety. The climb from Appenzell to Sammelplatz is severe but achieved without the aid of a rack. From that point it is downhill all the way.

The narrow gauge rails follow the road for most of the distance from Gais to St. Gallen and this provides the great contrast in railway operating which is evident in this programme. The slower speed and the street running illustrates an aspect of Swiss life and architecture not visible from express trains. The final descent into St. Gallen is steep and spectacular. Rack assistance is essential and one curve is amongst the sharpest in Switzerland.

The Bodensee-Toggenburg Railway has just taken delivery of several of the very latest product of the locomotive industry. The green and cream Re4/4 has its performance constantly monitored and its condition diagnosed by computer. The ride is excellent and the view forward is superb. The journey portrayed in this programme is over the difficult mountain line from Lichtensteig to St. Gallen. Passengers can see the driver’s view on monitors in the coaches but here is a record which can be enjoyed over and over again.

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