LMS Steam Action Dvd: 2011-2014




The London, Midland & Scotland Railway (LMS) was the largest of the ‘Big Four’ railway companies created by the Railways Act 1921 in Britain.

It existed from 1 January 1923 until nationalisation on 1 January 1948 becoming part of the state-owned British Railways.

In 1938, the LMS operated 6,870 miles of railway making it the World’s largest transport organisation.

Covering services across the UK the LMS ran a mixture of local, express and freight services and by 1938 covered a staggering 6,870

miles of railway.

Around 60% of the LMS revenue coming from freight services as the LMS transported a variety of materials including milk, fish and meat.

Many engines were designed by the LMS including the popular ‘Black 5’ class of which 842 were built.

The LMS ran a variety of services throughout the UK with 60% of it’s revenue coming from freight services.

Many classes of steam engine were produced by the LMS by several different engineers, Sir William Stanier was Chief Engineer between 1932 and 1944 and designed several engines including the famous workhorse ‘The Black 5’ nick named as a ‘do-anything go-anywhere’ type of engine, 18 of which were saved for preservation.

Sir William Stanier was also responsible for several other famous engines including the ‘Jubilee’, ‘Princess Coronation’ and many others too.

LMS engines became known for their attractive LMS Crimson Lake livery which was carried by the majority of engines produced by the LMS.

Many of the famous engines designed by the LMS were saved for preservation and can today be seen at preserved railways and on the

mainline around the UK.

Featuring a whole collection of LMS Engines hauling passenger and freight services at preserved railways and on the mainline between 2011 and 2014.

Some of the preserved railways include:

North Norfolk Railway

Great Central Railway

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

East Lancashire Railway

Llangollen Railway

Plus many others including mainline charters around the UK.

Some of the steam engines include:

LMS 2MT No.46443

LMS 2MT No.46521

LMS 3F No.47406

LMS 4MT No.43106

LMS 4F No.43924

LMS 5MT No.44806

LMS 5MT No.45212

LMS 5MT No.45305

LMS 5MT No.45337

LMS 5MT No.45407 ‘The Lancashire Fusilier’

LMS 5MT No.13065

LMS 5XP No.45699 ‘Galatea’

LMS 7F No.49395

LMS 7P No.46115 ‘Scots Guardsman’

LMS 8F No.48151

LMS 8P No.46201 ‘Princess Elizabeth’

LMS 8P No.46233 ‘Duchess of Sutherland’

Any many others too.

Approx. 71 mins.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Steaming Around Yorkshire Film Productions – SAY.