Great Central Railway Dvd, Part 2




The Route Explored.

The Great Central was a well laid main line providing a fast route to the Midlands.

We explore the route in the 1960s and the days of working steam, travelling from Woodford Halse to Nottingham visiting the stations and lineside features on the way.

The programme comprises:

Woodford Halse: The approach lines including Culworth and Woodford Junctions, Woodford Station and freight and passenger traffic.

The Link to Banbury: Freight and passenger traffic on the line through Eyndon Road to Banbury with B1s, 8fs and 2-6-4 tanks.

Woodford Shed & Yards: With steam power in and around the shed in the early 1960s, plus freight on the northern approach to the station.

Northwards to Rugby: An exploration of the route and its freight & passenger traffic. Including Charlwelton, Catesby Tunnel and Braunston.

Plus Willoughby with 9Fs, 8Fs, Black 5s and V2s on passenger and freight.

Rugby to Leicester: Scenes at Central & Midland stations and the line and stations northwards.

Rugby to Nottingham: All the intermediate stations, with a variety of freight and passenger traffic. Plus Nottingham Arkwright Street and Victoria.

Then and Now: An exploration of the remains of the Great Central Railway from Woodford Halse to Nottingham in 2010.

Including a comparison of past and present scenes throughout the route.

Approx. 71 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Transport Video Publishing (TVP).