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Gotthard Route Dvd


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The Gotthard Route Dvd by John Cocking.

The wild and dramatic Gotthard has long held a romantic fascination for the railway afficionada. To be heading south through the Swiss Alps towards Italy lifts the spirit of adventure and, as the trains skirts the mountain village of Wassen on three levels in two directions, plunges into the 15 kilometre Gotthard Tunnel and finally emerges to descend the southern ramp towards the warm plains of Italy, the traveller begins to appreciate the magnificient achievement of the Gotthard route.

Every 24 hours 200 trains of all kinds pass along this impressive Alpine railway in an unbroken succession day and night. International passenger trains like the Holland-Italian Express, Schweiz-Adria Express, Rossini, Hermann Hesse, Carlo Magno, Barbarossa, Tiziano and, of course, the Gottardo which is the only remaining Trans-Europe Express thunder along Europe’s main north-south artery connecting France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland with Italy.

There are freight trains as well, sometimes requiring as many as three powerful locomotives to haul long strings of brightly coloured waggons containing raw materials and products of all kinds along this mountain highway of steel. Lorries which exceed the maximum permitted road weight in Switzerland are carried on special waggons whilst their drivers rest in a coach at the front of the train.

This dvd tells the whole story of the railway as it is today from Basel in the north to Chiasso on the Italian border. We show you something of the connecting railways such as the LSE, Brunig, BT, SOB, Rigi, RhB in Castione and live steam in the north at Waldenburg. The historic Ce6/8 II, Ae 8/14 and Ae 3/6 II of the Swiss Federal Railways are also shown in action.

This one hour documentary programme describes the Gotthard route and shows the trains in the glorious setting through which they run. Our objective is to inform and entertain and we hope that we will bring back memories of the Gotthard route from many who have been fortunate enough to travel over it and to inspire those who have never experienced this railways wonder of the world to come to Switzerland to take the marvellous journey described in this dvd.

Narration by Paul Brown.

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