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Deutsche Reichsbahn Standard Gauge Steam Dvd


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This colour dvd recreates an historical tour of D.D.R. commencing in 1974. The Magdeburge-Stendal line, virtually 100% steam plays host to Classes 41, 03.2, 01.05, 52, 35, 52.80, 50.35 and 50.0. A Class 64 ambles along the Beetzendorf branch. 52.80s and a 50.35 are seen at Brandenburg and Ketzin. Radiating from Berlin, the Eberswalde and Angermunde line offers 50.0s, 44s, 01.5s and an 03.10, whilst southward to Dresden the main line sees only Pacific hauled express services behind 01.2s, 03.2s and 01.5s.

Eastward from Dresden, 52.80s abound in the Oberlausitz region, with 58.30s at Glauchau. A wealth of history still steamed through the hills of Saxony, original Prussian G12s ply the Wikau-Hessiau to Aue line and a Saxon X1 HT tackles the 1 in 36 Eibenstock Unter-Eibenstock Ober branch. A brief visit to the Karlovy Vary-Chomutov line worked by 475s and 556s is made prior to a move Westward to Saalfeld with its 44s, 95s and 01.05s.

The eight mile 1 in 80 ‘Blankenheim Bank’ presents the ultimate struggle for Sangerhausen’s 3 cyl 44s, one up front and one banking, working flat out on 2,000 ton heavy freights, some down to a crawl at the summit – Europe’s last regular test for steam, 52.80s were on trial, but proved unsuccessful.

The 50.35s of the Oschersleben, Halberstadt and Wernigerode areas are covered before returning to Magdeburg with class 41s.

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