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Delight of Turkish Steam Railways Dvd


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Turkey, a haven for historical steam until the end of the 1980s.

Relive the sight and sounds of wheezing, leaking G8 0-8-0s and G10 0-10-0s in the Izmir area. 2-10-2s shunting in passenger and freight service.

A Nohab 2-6-0 is filmed in full cry on an evening passenger as well as a Kriegslok on the Denizli mixed storming Kemer and SelÇuk banks.

A Robert Stephenson works the Odemis mixed, where engine and tender are separated for turning. 05.00 on a frosty morning at Burdur reveals G8s and 10s, with some double heading.

Irmak and a British 8F performs shunting duties with ‘Skyliner’ 2-10-0s in the Zonguldak, KarabÜk, Çankiri areas on passenger and heavy freight.

On the Black Sea Coast G8² 2-8-0s work the Sivas-Samsun-Çarsamba and Eregli-ArmaÇuk lines.

An appreciation of the excellence of the 56 class 2-10-0s is gained as they struggle up into the permanent snows at over 8,000 feet on the 235km Erzurum-Kars line, 12½ hours of solid thrash!

2-10-0s and 2-10-2s with some double heading, filmed near Gunerkoy Summit and on Turkmantepe Viaduct.

Original 8mm film by George Shields.

Narrated by Tony Fowles.

Approx.   60 minutes.

Sold with full permission of the copyright holder – Videolines.