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Cab Ride Dvd: Russian Border


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Twice a day express trains leave Helsinki’s main railway station for the Russian border. One train is destined for Leningrad and the other travels through that city and on to Moscow, the Russian capital. We invite you into the cab of a modern electric locomotive of the Finnish State Railways to make the journey to Vannikkala on the Russian border.

The 240 kilometre journey over Finland’s broad gauge railway is largely through forest but there are interesting passing stations and, of course, other trains. At the border an electric locomotive of the Russian State Railways takes charge for the rest of journey to the Russian capital.

The weather for this cab ride was not particularly good but this does not detract from a unique journey. Our presence in the cab was a privilege never before granted to an independent video producer.

Approx. 60 minutes.

Programme by John Cocking.

Sold with full permission of the copyright holder – Videolines.