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B&R .58 Dvd: Steam on the Wirral




The peninsula of the Wirral was fifteen miles from north to south, from Chester to Birkenhead.

Steam traction ceased in 1967 with the running of the last iron ore train from Bidston to Shotton Steelworks.

This programme covers the lines from Chester to Birkenhead, Mouldsworth to Hooton and Bidston Dock to Shotwicksidings.

Every station still open in 1966 and 1967 is shown, when the railway was still a four track line north of Hooton, Woodside was still extant and the shed was still servicing 9Fs and 2-6-4 Tanks.

Visitors to the Wirral were ‘Clun Castle’ and ‘Blue Peter’. Crab 2-6-0s, B1 and a Britannia were also to be seen.

A visit is made to Ellesmere Port and its docks as is Birkenhead Docks with 42.942 on two railtours and the Wirral Railway Circle’s Docker tours with ‘Lucy’ and ‘Efficient’.

Also here were the Mersey Ferries and the ocean liner ‘Empress of Canada’ coming up the Mersey.

The iron ore trains are covered in great detail from loading at Bidston Dock and the journey over Storeton bank to Shotwick Sidings.

They are interrupted occasionally by steam hauled services to New Brighton, and railtours with Crab and 9F.

Only pure archive film has been used in this one-hour production with authentic soundtrack, some of which was recorded at the time.

An informative commentary completes an excellent record of the final days of steam on the Wirral.

An in-depth look at the steam scene on the Wirral peninsular from Chester to Birkenhead, Bidstone to Shotton.

Fifteen cameramen supplied material for this programme, notably John Ryan, a local enthusiast from Bromborough.

From Chester we take the LMS and GWR Joint line to Hooton calling at Upton, Mollington and Capenhurst.

Here the line was joined from the east at Mouldsworth via Ellesmere Port where a visit is made to the Manchester Ship Canal Railway.

Returning to Hooton, we go north to Birkenhead calling at all stations.

Birkenhead provides nostalgic views of Woodside station, the ferries to Liverpool and a glorious sight of the liner ‘Empress of Canada’ docking there.

A prolonged visit to Birkenhead Shed precludes a visit to the Docks lines with mogul 42942 and early 1970’s tours with industrial steam engines.

Coverage is then given to the Bidston to Shotton ore trains seen everywhere along the route from the Docks to Shotwick Sidings with 9F power right into the steelworks.

At Bidstone we divert to New Brighton worked by ex-GWR pannier 4683.

Motive power to be seen include 2-6-4 tanks, Black 5s, 9Fs, Standard 4s, Crabs and visits by B1, A2 and a Castle on the last day of steam services from Paddington to Birkenhead.

A film full of atmosphere and nostalgia for anyone who knew the railways of the Wirral or not.

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – B&R Video Productions.