Blue Pullman DVD




This dvd follows the construction, testing and operation of these 1960s luxury trains.

As part of the BR Modernisation Plan of the late 1950s it was decided to introduce five diesel-electric train sets for premium business services on the London Midland and Western Regions.

Known as the ‘Blue Pullmans’ they were to provide luxurious interiors; the two Midland Pullman sets having first class accommodation only.

Three stunning colour archive films are included in this dvd, incorporating professionally produced films from the 1960 construction, testing and performance of these leaders in technology.

Sadly the units only lasted until 1973, probably mainly due to the extremely bad ride they gave on the Swiss-built bogies, but these films give a wonderful portrayal of developments at the time and are a truly remarkable record.

Produced with permission of Vickers PLC and British Transport Films.

Approx. 60 minutes.